Woman with the ‘world’s smallest bump’ was accused of faking pregnancy

A young mum, who gave birth to her first child in March this year, faced cruel comments from trolls, who accused her of faking her pregnancy.

Sofia Cavacini ( @sofiacavacini ) regularly shared bump updates on TikTok in the run up to her daughter’s birth, but due to the way she was carrying, the 20-year-old’s stomach looked relatively small in comparison to other pregnant women.

Of course, every mum carries different, but that didn’t stop trolls from leaving cruel comments insinuating she wasn’t pregnant at all.

“She is not pregnant, that bump don’t grow,” one wrote, while another added: “Stop faking your pregnancy.”

Another troll added: “I reckon she’s just bloated.”

Fortunately not everyone was quite so rude about Sofia’s smaller bump, with others joking about how their stomachs look similar after eating a big meal. Honestly, same.

“You look amazing but 7 months is what I look like after dinner today,” one TikTok user commented, while another added: “Aww your tummy is so small it’s adorable.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “This makes me feel so much better, I didn’t start showing until I was around 9 months.”

“You honestly have the cutest bump I’ve ever seen,” another added.

Eventually, after Sofia’s daughter was born, the mum-of-one decided to get her own back on the cruel trolls, by sharing their comments about “fake pregnancies” alongside clips of her playing with her beautiful baby girl.

Regardless of the size of her bump, Sofia’s daughter was born happy, healthy and adorable. That certainly is one way to prove that the haters were wrong.