Man orders takeaway under false name to prove staff cook it differently

There’s nothing more disappointing than your food arriving, only to find that it isn’t very good.

It’s even worse if you are brave enough to complain, only for staff to ignore you.

One fed-up man decided to go the extra mile after a restaurant didn’t prepare his meal correctly – even though he sent it back four times.

Writing on Reddit, the disgruntled customer explained that he had ordered a green Thai curry – and requested that it was at spice level five, which is the hottest.

But he said it didn’t seem like the waitress agreed, as she “laughed at me, and told me that I’m getting it 3-star,” but he reiterated that he wanted his dish to be at max heat.

“When she came back with my dish and I tasted it, it was not spicy at all . It wasn’t even a 3 star. I sent the dish back, and it came back a few moments later with what appeared to be red chile flakes sprinkled on top,” he wrote.

“I asked her about it and was sarcastically told that I ordered it spicy. I told her that it makes no sense to sprinkle red chile flakes on a green curry which is supposed to be made with green chiles .

“It honestly looked hideous, but I tried it anyway. It still wasn’t spicy, so I sent it back.

“When I got my dish the third time, it was exactly the same as the first one I got. So I sent it back again, only to have the red chile flakes sprinkled on top again. It was, like that other time, not spicy—so I sent it back for the fourth time.

“When I got my dish for the fifth time, I was happy to see that there were no red chilli flakes sprinkled on top. The waitress, in a very sarcastic tone, told me that they made it extra spicy just for me, told me that she was going to stand there and watch me eat it, and took away my water glass.

“I tried it, and it was not extra spicy. But it was just barely acceptable, so I didn’t send it back. I told her so, and she walked away looking completely bewildered as I finished my bland meal.”

The next day, he reordered the dish to his hotel room, as he’s visiting the city on a business trip, and used a Thai name while placing the order.

“Sure enough, the food was very spicy just as I ordered. It was far better than the “extra spicy” dish I had at the restaurant,” he wrote.

“I sent the manager an email detailing my experience at the restaurant, along with the waitress’s rude behaviour. I told them about the difference between my meal from that day and my delivery order.

“The manager apologised and told me that they will talk to the waitress in question.”

The post left people in stitches at the man’s effort, while another restaurant worker explained what the waitress could have done.

They wrote: “I worked in a Thai restaurant a while and had mountains of idiots asking for 5 stars while they clearly had no clue what they were doing.

“We had a whole thing. ‘Oh, your ordering more than 1-star sir? Why don’t you try our 1-star hot sauce first? It’s on the house.’

“Most customers stuck with 1-3 stars after trying the hot sauce. If you don’t want people to order food that spicy that they can’t eat, then give them a way to properly get a grasp on the spice.”

Another added: “I can’t imagine feeling comfortable sending a dish back more than once. I’d sooner ask for a refund and leave than have them attempt to make it that many times. And then to order it again to the room? Who would actually do this?”

A third commented: “The waitress didn’t do her job. I worked in a Thai restaurant for some years. I always got asked how spicy medium spicy is, or how spicy extra spicy is.

“As the waitress, you have to communicate with the guests on what spicy they can handle and find enjoyable to eat. So you can translate that to the chef.”