No fine for K.J. Osborn helmet toss

The bye week of Vikings receiver K.J. Osborn was even a little better than expected.

The wideout paid homage to former Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs and the Minneapolis Miracle by removing hi helmet and throwing it after scoring an overtime touchdown against the Panthers. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the league office did not fine Osborn for the gesture.

Osborn also wasn’t flagged, in part because it was the final play of the game. If, however, he’d been ruled short of the end zone, the Vikings should have been, if the rules were being applied as written, pushed back 15 yards.

The Vikings started 0-2 and 1-3. They’ve won two straight late after blowing double-digit fourth-quarter leads. The return to action next Sunday night against the Cowboys, before facing the Ravens and Chargers on the road and then hosting the Packers.

In other words, 3-3 could soon be 3-7. Or 4-6. Perhaps the best realistic scenario is 5-5.